Professional Background


andy head
Co-Founder of Exit13 Strategics– an eCommerce consultancy focused on bringing best practices and cutting edge solutions to Fortune 500 retailers such as Dillards.

Angel Investor–  Looking to make 5 investments a year in the 25-50k range. My interests are eCommerce, online marketing, digital media, mobile, and gaming.


Analyst at Redpoint Ventures– Looking to transition out of banking and into the world of entrepreneurship, I figured the best way to get my feet wet was to see as many deals and entrepreneurs as possible. Redpoint was the perfect place for this. Since entry-level jobs in VC are fairly hard to come by, I originally took an unpaid internship and worked my way onto the team. I was primarily based out of the LA office and focused on sourcing deals for the early stage team. Some of the deals I was involved with were Scribd SimpleGeo.

I don’t like to talk about it but I spent a little time at a couple of the big banks before the crash. It wasn’t me!

BA from Dartmouth College in History with minors in Psychology, Ping Pong, and Football. Graduate of the Tuck Business Bridge Program.


I’m originally from Newport Beach, CA and I currently live in San Francisco. Outside of the Internet, I love movies, the ocean, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia, Lakers Basketball, and USC Football.

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